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St. Peter's on-the-Rock is a place of peace and serenity which for generations of families has been one constant in an ever-changing world. Your deep commitment and strong support of St. Peter's has enabled us to sustain this very special legacy for over 100 years. Tomorrow's gifts are equally important as they convey our deepest commitments and allow for the future of our Church.  


The starting vision for the St. Peter's General Endowment Fund was to build financial capability over time through the receipt of unrestricted gifts from the St. Peter's community to provide financial support, as and when needed and for as long as practical, for the continuation of the work of St. Peter's on-the-Rock. The objective is to ensure St. Peter's has the financial capability to reach its 200th anniversary. 

The Fund is internally restricted, under the control of the Wardens. The Fund is directly managed by RBC Dominion Securities. An Endowment Fund Oversight Committee, consisting of three voting members chosen by the Wardens, provides advice and guidance to the Wardens relative to all aspects of the establishment and operation of the Endowment Fund. This Committee is currently made up of Jamie Anderson, Mark Cooper and Ron Drake. The Committee is guided by a Charter document.


Mark Cooper made a brief presentation on the Fund at the 2023 Annual Vestry Meeting (here are the minutes of that meeting). The most recent report from the Fund Manager can be viewed here.

There are three ways you may contribute to the Endowment Fund: by cheque, through the donation of stocks and securities, and through making a bequest in your Will. For details on these methods, including instructions, please click here. The forms referenced in this document are listed below. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Treasurer, Pat Bunting at pmbunting (at)


Endowment Fund Forms

St. Peter's Endowment Fund Cash Donation Agreement

St. Peter's Endowment Fund Securities Donation Agreement

St. Peter's Gift of Securities Form

Bequest and Planned Giving Statement of Intent

Suggested Bequest Language for Planned Giving

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